Clean-label foods born & bred in the USA.

Our end-to-end system begins with non-GMO breeding, continues with our network of U.S. growers, and carries through to processing facilities 100% free of contamination.

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PURIS Ingredients

Discover organic ingredients from PURIS peas, soy, pulses, lentils and other non-GMO plants — safe for people, the environment and life on earth.

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PURIS Innovation

More than an ingredient maker, PURIS guides partners to develop original, market-ready finished foods at hyper-speed.

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PURIS Products

We are building the next wave of plant-based foods, from non-GMO protein powders to meat substitutes to bars, snacks and cereals.

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Our goal is to make sure our farmers are supported. Whatever happens, we're going to be the people there to carry some of their risks on our shoulders.

Renae Larson - Grower Relations Manager, PURIS

When the label is simple, people relate to the food more. That is what we think about as we design food at PURIS.

Kushal Chandak - VP of R&D, PURIS