At A Tipping Point

To feed 10 billion people by the year 2050, how we make our food has to change. Demand for meat is surging as countries get wealthier. But meat takes huge amounts of water and fossil fuels to produce, depleting scarce resources and adding to atmospheric CO2.



The world is producing record amounts of food. But unless we know what’s in that food, we can’t know the risks. More chemicals, synthetics, GMOs and industrial animal proteins in our food supply threaten the health of humans and our environment in ways we’re only beginning to realize.


Ready to Grow

We have a duty to provide food that’s safe for people and our planet. By embracing non-GMO, responsible practices from seed to solution, PURIS has built a future-proof food source with the variety, nutrition and taste people expect. Now we’re scaling up to meet the need.

True Organics Part 1

What does Organic Really Mean? There was a time when organic wasn't a choice. Before genetically modified seed, synthetic pesticides and chemical herbicides became the norm, we just called it “food.”

True Organics Part 2

Transition and Trust. In a globalized food industry where imported ingredients can arrive with an organic seal but dubious credentials, transparency counts. We believe people deserve to know everything.

True Organics Part 3

Vote with Your Dollars. Food brands are asking people to pay for U.S. organics, when their ingredients often come from places never mentioned on the package. That presents risks consumers have no idea they’re taking.

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